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Jul. 6th, 2012



Unsure (Marvel Movies)

Claim: Penelope 'Penny' Coulson

Fandom: Marvel Movie 'Verse

Prompt: Unsure, Table 3

Rating: T/PG13

Notes: Poor Phil, it's hard being on the other side of the door

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May. 23rd, 2012

Dresden: Harry magicking


Dresden Files: Shattered Glass

Title: Shattered Glass
Author: awanderingbard
Fandom: The Dresden Files (TV)
Words: Approx. 3700
Characters: Harry, Bob, Caro (OC), Mason (OC), Elgan (OC)
Warnings/Rating: PG-13 (swearing, injured kitties, m/m relationship)
Prompt: Friends (My Table)
Summary: We all need friends, no matter our age, species or state of corporeal existence. A lesson learned by Harry Dresden after he receives a ghostly summons to a crime scene in the middle of the night.
Author's Notes: Caro, Mason, Rook and Davy are from a previous story, Communing with the Dead. It's not required reading, but might help set up the world for this one.

I woke up with a start to find a transparent ten-year old girl yelling in my ear.

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