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"She Just Wanted to be Heard Day 33-43," PG-13, The Ring/SPN

Title: She Just Wanted to be Heard Day 33-43 (Each chapter links to subsequent chapters)
[Also on my website here]
Author: sailorhathor
Fandom: The Ring/Supernatural X-over
Claim & Prompts: The Ring
Seven individual chapters fit the following prompts: Table 2 - Inside & Anger. Table 3 - Skill & Unsure. Table 4 - Purple, See, & Animal.
Rating: PG-13 (Day 42 is Rated NC-17)
Pairings: Sam/OFCs, Brady/OFC
Summary: Sam Winchester doesn't hunt anymore. So why is he getting personally involved in helping a fellow student at Stanford who has been cursed to die in seven days? Dean wants to know why he keeps dreaming of a European girl begging for his help with a similar curse, so much that he gets his father involved.
Warnings: Contains spoilers for the entire Ringu and The Ring series. Spoilers for Supernatural episode 5.20 "The Devil You Know." Abuse and attempted murder of children, content concerning the Nazis and concentration camp-like killings, and drug use.
Beta Thanks: Thanks to Sammie for beta'ing these chapters!

|| 33 || 34 || 35 || 36 || 37 || 38 || 39 || 40 || 41 || 42 || 43 ||
Tags: supernatural, the ring

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