Mia Jesbar (mia_j) wrote in occhallenge,
Mia Jesbar


Claim: Character - Mia Jesbar
Fandom: Star Wars (EU)
Prompt: Hurt, Table 4
Word Count: 172
Comments: here.

Once she was finally released from the infirmary and got to New York, she found Brodin at her apartment, trying to find clues as to where she was.

She didn't tell him what was really going on. Not yet, anyway. She couldn't. He just knew something had happened, something having to do with her top secret job, and that John wasn't here.

He made sure she ate, didn't push her to talk, and quickly realized she did not want to be touched. When it got late, he assured her that even if she didn't want to sleep, she should at least lay down, and he would be there to watch her back, he wasn't going anywhere.

It wasn't until she got into bed and Jaida jumped up to lay beside her that Mia was struck with thoughts of home, and John, and Skye. Tears suddenly stung her eyes and her throat closed up. "I miss John," she said in a choked, small voice. "I don't think I can do this without him."
Tags: star wars

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