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Profit Margin

Title: Profit Margin
Author: commallama
Table: 3
Prompt: Sharp
Claim: Fandom; One Piece
Characters: Sedna Beckman(OC), Rolf D. Lyon (OC), Shanks, Benn Beckman
Fandom: One Piece
Rated: PG, K+
Warnings: Mild mild swearing, and virtually nothing else.
Summary: After a less than eventful day, in which the biggest stir were a couple of rookie pirates causing the slightest bit of mischief, the Morstein Tavern finds that they've come up more than half their earnings short for the day.
Disclaimer: The only characters I own mentioned here are Sedna, her and Benn's parents, Lyon, and perhaps Janx if his name was mentioned anywhere (though I don't believe it was); the settings I own here are limited to the island, the town of Evergreen, and the tavern.  Everything else belongs to the One Piece universe and is copyright to its respective owners.
A/N:  This took a long time, I know, and I'm oh so very sorry!!!  Complications with a crap computer, coupled with depression and anxiety induced writer's block, make things a little difficult at times.  I'm not dropping any of my tables and still intend to steadily work on them; though, for the moment, I'm primarily working on this table.  This is part two of my previous post for this table from just over a year ago, and I hope to be working on it more regularly now that I have a computer that seems to function like...well, like a computer.  I should add, the currency here is of similar measure to Japanese Yen; I figured, given the smallest note in the One Piece universe seems to be 1,000, it was a pretty accurate comparison. So, for reference, a thousand beli (or, indeed, a thousand yen) would be equivalent to about ten US dollars.

“You’re a cheap bastard.” ||| He shrugged, setting down his bottle. “At least I’m a crafty cheap bastard.” )

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