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The Medic: Chapter Three

Title: The Medic
Author: Asase
Rating:PG 13(just to be safe)
Genre:Action, frendship, fluff
Characters: OC, Robin, Artemis, Kaldur, Joker, Batman
Summary: Kaldur and Artemis are hot on the Joker’s tail and Cira meets Batman for the first time.
Word Count: 1,929
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters or organizations from the Young Justice cartoon, comics, or expanded DC universe.

The Medic

Chapter Three


February 3, 20:20 EDT

Darkness settled over Gotham and with it came a steady rain. The Atlantean resisted the urge to stand in the downpour; it was stuffy in the small tent, and his long legs were cramped. Kaldur’s partner for this mission didn’t share his appreciation for water, and she definitely wouldn’t appreciate coming back to a sodden shelter.

 Several screens took up one side of the tent. The feeds connected to cameras scattered across this section of the city, the inactivity was worrisome. They took turns leaving the shelter to search the surrounding area on foot. His partner was a bit late, but all was forgiven when she returned with two steaming cups.  Kaldur moved to help Artemis with her burden.

“Thanks.”  Artemis passed over the cups. She then shrugged off her slicker.  “Any news?”

  “Harley has been apprehended.”

“You think Batman will ever tell us why he didn’t want us to pursue?”

“I am certain Batman has his reasons.” Kaldur checked the cups and offered the one marked with an A to his partner.   He took a sip from his cup, and was pleasantly surprised, chamomile tea. Coffee would be customary, but his nerves were already on edge. He didn’t much like the bitter drink, and was grateful that his partner remembered. If he had to guess her cup was filled with the strongest stuff the shop had available.  They sat back down to monitor the screens. Artemis pointed to one.  A lone figure approached a warehouse. His hat and trench coat covering most of his form. Artemis, eyes trained by her craft, caught a flash of white skin. 


Joker shed his trench coat as he entered the building. A loud slap reverberated through the space as the wet garment hit the floor.  A mock living room filled a corner, a ratty old couch with a rattier rug underneath. An old TV sat upon a wooden table accompanied by a wooden chair.  A refrigerator finished off the set up. Large crates filled the rest of the space, the Lexcorp label on the sides. Of all the warehouses for the Joker to enter…Kaldur felt it was an ill omen and warned Artemis to be careful.  He worried too much, Artemis thought, this would be simple. 

She ducked behind some crates near the living area, her bow ready. The Joker opened the fridge and pulled out a carton, he drank from it sloppily, milk spilling down his cheeks. He wiped his mouth with an exaggerated motion and tossed the carton aside.  The madman bounced into the wooden chair and turned on the TV, adjusting the antennas until a figure appeared on the screen. The figure was featureless, a shape cut out of bright light. The voice was contorted by static but nothing could dim the haughtiness of the speaker’s tone.

“I told you not to contact me.”

“Don’t be such a sourpuss! Is that the way to speak to an old friend?”

The man on the screen growled then sighed.  “How’s the plan? We need to keep the League occupied.”

Joker leaned back in the rickety chair and put his feet on the table.  “You came to the right man Lexy! You wanted a show?”  Joker pulled out a card from his suit coat, the joker emblem on its front side.  “I’ll give you a show.” His voice deepened.  He stood, knocking the chair down, and flung the card towards the stack of crates covering Artemis’ presence. The card exploded forcing her out of hiding. The Joker laughed and ran, moving deeper into the warehouse.  Kaldur appeared from his hiding place, landing in front of the Joker’s path, cutting the villain off.  Joker pulled a tazer gun from his coat and fired.  Kaldur caught the electrodes. His tattoos glowed redirecting the shock giving the Joker a jolt. He yanked the gun from Joker’s hands, disarming the villain. 

“Aqualad!”  The Joker straightens his hair mussed by the shock. “Enjoying your stay in Gotham?”

“Stand down,” Kaldur crushed the gun in his grip.

 “Lighten up!” Joker raised his hands in surrender. “I swear you fish folk have no sense of humor.”

Artemis joined them blocking Joker’s path from the rear, her bow armed and ready.

“The Arrows on the other hand!” Joker smiled widely.  “Now they know how to have a good time!”

Artemis smirked. “Yeah, I’ll give you a good time,” Artemis’ arrow changed, the tip turning into a boxing glove.

“Ooh!”  Joker’s eyes grew wide.

“Don’t!”  Kaldur yelled a warning but it was too late. Artemis fired, missing her target. The Joker danced away, cackling wildly.  Kaldur raised his arms in time to brace himself, the impact knocked him off his feet.

“Kaldur!” Artemis lowered her bow and rushed to her partner’s side. He sat on the ground casually, annoyance on his sharp features.  The Joker’s laugh echoed within the warehouse.  

“What now?” the archer asked.

The  Atlantean stood, “We continue.”


Cira’s house

February 3, 19:30 EDT

 “I’ll drive.” Cira jingled her car keys

Robin jogged over to Cira’s car. He ran his hands over the hood giving the vehicle a quick inspection. “This is a little flashy isn’t it?”

“Is it?”

“It’s nice. But red?”

Cira unlocked the car and settled in the driver’s seat. “You got a problem with my baby?”

Robin hopped into the passenger side.  “Not particularly. It’s a little mid life crisis though.”

“How old do you think I am?” The car roared to life.

Robin grinned wider, dodging the question. “Do you like cars?”

“Not particularly.” She pressed the button on her car keys to open the garage and proceeded to back out. “But I have an Uncle who repairs them. Restores vintage models as well,” Cira explained, “He has three sons.  I’m the light of his life. Gave me baby for graduating high school.”

‘So you’re the good one?”

“I’m…the cute one.”

“Of course,” Robin propped his feet on the dash. “Let me take it for a spin later?”  

“Feet down.”

“I’m guessing that’s a no,” He removed his feet from the dash.

“You’re not even old enough to have a learners license.”

“Never stopped me before.”

“That’s a definite no. I would lower the top but…” She gestured to his costume.

“Maybe next time,” Robin grinned at her.

“Later, next time. You speak like this is certain.”

“Batman’s pretty persuasive.”

“What’s he gonna do? Hang me out of a window like some two bit hood?”

Robin’s smile disappeared. “He’s really not that bad you know.”

Cira didn’t answer.


The Cave

February 3, 20:05 EDT

The alleyway was mercifully abandoned, tucked in some unused corner of downtown, waiting for the buildings around it to be bulldozed. Robin attached an alarm on Cira’s car. He guaranteed her that it would be enough protection.  Cira threatened to have him work till the end of his days to pay for even the tiniest scratch.

“I’d expect to meet a superhero in a more reputable spot of town,” Cira glanced around scrunching her nose.

“Batman felt that it would be safer to meet at the Cave.”

“The Batcave?”

“No. Wrong cave. This cave is the base for my Team.”

“ As in a secret base? Is it really okay for me to see something like that?”

“Batman’s orders. Come on,”   Robin opened one of the building’s back doors.  Rusted and covered in chipped red paint it groaned protesting the movement.  Robin bowed sweeping out his cape. “Ladies first.”

 Cira stepped into the doorway and was immediately swept away by an intense tingling sensation.  She stumbled out the other side.  She clutched her self, making sure that all limbs were attached, and performed an internal scan, checking for any missing organs.

“ Recognized: Robin B01,”  a computerized voice toned behind her.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "You failed to mention the teleporter.”

“Going in blind is more fun,” He grinned, pleased with his joke. Cira would do anything to take the smirk off his face. She grabbed him, holding his head in the crook of her arm, giving him a noogie. Robin grunted in protest and struggled in her grasp.

“It’s been a while since someone’s done that to him,” said a voice like crushed gravel.

Traditionally, Cira thought, he would appear from the shadows. The room that they were in was large and extremely well lit so no chance of that. Still he managed to appear without Cira noticing. 

“Find anything interesting Miss Mendes?” Batman spoke again

Cira noted the amusement in his voice and knew she was being mocked. “Well my theory that you’re a vampire is busted.”

“Anything else?”

“You’re favoring your right side. Stab wound?”

“I thought you said it wasn’t bothering you!” Robin pulled himself from Cira’s clutches.

Batman gave Robin a look that silenced him. He then turned back to Cira. “Better than I expected.”

“How did you know to expect anything at all?” Cira asked.

Batman didn’t answer. He moved farther into the cave, giving Cira no choice but to follow. 


In the conference room Batman handed Cira a folder.  She opened the folder and flipped a few pages before slamming it on the table. “This is majorly top secret.  The type of stuff the D.E.O would rather forget.”

Batman crossed his arms “We have our connections.”

“Who do you know?”

“That’s not important.”

“It’s important enough to keep me from walking out of the door.”


“Ms. Amanda?” Cira sat down hard.

“Ms. Amanda. The Wall… You call her Ms. Amanda? How deeply involved with the government  are you?” Robin asked, eager for information.

“I’m not that important.” Cira waved the question away.  “She’s… She’s just the reason why I’m not in a federal prison.” Cira explained.  “She wouldn’t approve of me talking to you like this much less working with you.”

“We’ve come to an understanding.” Batman said.

“An understanding?” Cira asked, dubious. “I might be on more intimate terms with her but I assure you there is only so much understanding you can get from a brick wall.”

“You know that she can’t be threatened or bribed,” Batman paused and continued casually. “Actually I tried speaking to Director Bones first. “

Cira’s face contorted in fear.

“But the job he offered as an exchange was unsuitable,” Batman continued.

“So what do you need me for?  I don’t see how my abilities can be useful to you. My fighting capabilities would surely overlap with who you already have. “

“What exactly are your abilities?” Robin asked

“A human EEG machine?  Maybe a human MRI scanner?” Cira shrugged. “It’s too broad to describe in concrete terms.”

“So you can see-“

“I can’t see. “ Cira interrupted.  “I don’t get images. Or have a special type of x-ray vision. I just sense things.”

“Choosing you for your combat capabilities would be repetitive. However, your abilities and your chosen field of study have presented a better alternative.” Batman moved to stand behind Robin, placing his hands on the boy’s shoulders.  “Robin and a select few are a part of a special team for covert missions. They have performed in a satisfactory manner thus far but they are still lacking something crucial.”

Robin craned his neck to look at Batman, disappointment in his features.

“When the Team goes on a mission it isn’t uncommon for them to be cut off from assistance,” Batman continued.  “Unlike the League they generally only have themselves to rely on,” Batman moved from behind Robin and stood in front of Cira’s chair. “Miss Mendes. I’d like to ask you to be this team’s combat medic.”

Chapter Two
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