August 31st, 2004

Introduction Challenge

Just a quick note: Would've posted this sooner, but had issues getting the idea and then writing it out. Hope it's okay a bit late. :)

Title: Remeetings
Author: analise
Summary: At a ball, Ili is introduced to a rather old immortal.
Pairing: OFC/Methos
Disclaimer: Highlander and all canon characters belong to Rysher, Davis/Panzer, Gregory Widen, somebody like that, but not me. Am not making any money off this whatsoever, this is purely for my own (and hopefully other's) amusement. Ili belongs to me.
Rating: Oh, PG, nothing naughty but a couple of vague references
Notes: Ili belongs in a Highlander AU more than anything, wherein she rather takes Cassandra's place, except that she doesn't come looking for Methos's head in the present day, and in fact, has been meeting him here and there off and on for the past few thousand years and is on relatively good terms with him.

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