December 30th, 2004

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Missing Tales Challenge

Ok. First off, I'm new here. I'm an old friend of Amy, dragonsinger. We go back. Like, Richie Ryan back. *lol* Man, I love him!
Second, I had a bit of writer's block on my CSI:NY fic and a fic challenge seemed to be a way to get over it. So, I give you a CSI:NY R.A.W. (aka Random Act of Wordiness). The narrator is another man I love, Det. Danny Messer, although he is never mentioned by name. I warn you, this hasn't been betaed because I do not yet have a CSI:NY beta. You guys are my test subjects. *rubs hands together and grins maniacally*
Third, since I have no beta for CSI:NY, I'm really nervous as to how this will come out. So please give me good, honest feedback. And if anyone would like to beta CSI:NY for me, let me know.

Now, may I present, my submission for Dante's Prayer

Title: The Morning Sun
Fandom: CSI:NY
Rating: G/PG I guess. I use the HBO ratings: V for mentioned violence
Pairing: None
Feedback: Much needed since there's no beta.
Disclaimer: Det. Mac Taylor, Det. Danny Messer and the CSI:NY universe so don't belong to me. Everyone else is mine.
Summary: Every detective has that one case that haunts them forever. This is Danny's ghost.
Notes: For the Missing Tales Challenge. A throw back to Challenge #7 Dante's Prayer "Please remember me."
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