November 15th, 2007

Challenge #63-Gender and Species Bending!

Sugar, We're Goin Down

Title: Sugar, we’re goin’ down.
Prompt: occhallenge
Character: Gender bent Aidan, Wes.
Fandom: Usually, Male Highlander OC
Disclaimer: Aidan belongs to me, Neither Wes nor the demon scorned ex, belongs to me. Star Wars don’t belong to me either.
Backstory: Aidan thought that he was dating a guy who was a God. That was a lie. She’s actually a woman demon with extraordinary powers (And if you want an OC, she is one. She was created ESPECIALLY to be a Mary Sue. I don’t say this to be spiteful. She really was. It was a joke gone extremely right.) Aidan (bi-sexual) is now married to Wes and the ex is NOT happy with this. She hates Wes and is taking this out on Aidan. She turned Aidan into a girl and then she turned him into an Ewok. Yeah. It’s complicated.

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