April 24th, 2008

Winter Soldier


Don't despair if someone has claimed your favorite fandom or the canon character you want to pair your OC with. Because the stories in this comm are about the original characters, there is no limit to how many people can claim a fandom or a canon character/OC.

Also, since everyone has a different version of a genderbend character, more than one person can claim a genderbended version of a canon character.


Big Bang Theory - draickinphoenix (25)

Bleach - tasogaretaichou (25)
Bleach - pariswriter82 (25)

CSI: Miami/CSI: NY - afteriwake (25)

Death Note - commallama (25)

Dragonball Z - dbzau (50)

The Dresden Files - awanderingbard (25)

Fringe - atharnance89 (25)

Grey's Anatomy - semaj_moonlight (25)

Harry Potter - morgynleri_fic (25)
Harry Potter - misshapenmuse (25)

Highlander - ithildyn (75)
Highlander - unovis (25)

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - lady_green_bat (25)

Main Marvel Universe - 616 - bunnywan (25)

One Piece - commallama (25)

Pirates of the Carribbean - draickinphoenix (25)

The Ring - sailorhathor (75)

Silver Age of Superheroes Game - deannawol (25)

Star Wars - draickinphoenix (25)

Supernatural - ladykerradine (25)
Supernatural - forcryinoutloud (25)

Torchwood - jadesfire (25)
Torchwood/Doctor Who - moregynleri_fic (25)
Torchwood - etanitsarcorp (25)
Torchwood - aeshna_uk (25)

WMAC Masters - lunarwolf2002 (25)


The A-Team
Murdoch/OFC, Murdoch/OFC 2- arch_angelic (50)

Criminal Minds
Emily Prentiss/OFC - stamay680 (25)

Nick Stokes/OFC - jainadurron (25)

Death Note
L/OFC - commallama (25)

John Crichton/OFC - angelsgracie (25)

Peter Petrelli/OFC - medie (25)

Wilson/OFC - ladykerridine (25)

Jack/OFC - littleton_pace (25)
Boone/OFC - hobbitrockgod (25)

Lucas/OFC - lcviolin07 (25)

Oliver Queen/girl!Clark Kent - medie (25)

Stargate SG-1
Aris Boch/OFC - madripoor_rose (25) COMPLETED

Dean Winchester/OFC - elanurel (25)
Sam Winchester/OFC - muses_circle (25)
Sam Winchester/OFC - theemmer (25)
Jo Harvelle/OFC - tvaddictgurl (25)
Sam Winchester/OFC - looleebelle (25)
Sam Winchester/OFC - claimpala (25)
Dean Winchester/OFC - hobbitrockgod (25)

Toshiko Sato/OFC - thiscanbegin (25)

Jack Bauer/OFC - littleton_pace (25)


Isabelle Helm - ithildyn (25)
Aiden - aoutlaw321 (25)
Frank - lawyer_frank (25)
Samantha Morgan - noveltea (25)
Alex Winters - noveltea (25)
Ynez Castillo - ynez_castillo (25)
Cassandra Bauer - joyfulfeather (25)
Colette Moraine - joyfulfeather (25)
Elenor Cleary - joyfulfeather (25)
Grace Hammond - angelsgracie (25)
Lena - ada_c_eliana (50)
Teresa DiCarlo - ada_c_eliana (25)
Lexa Prine - draickinphoenix (25)
Dr. Julie Adams - callaphera (25)
Siannon O'Niall - aeron_lanart (25)
Katie Reynolds - lunarwolf2002 (25)
Lynn and Abby Rivers - charlies_dragon and weaselett (100)
The Trickster - joonscribble (25)
Jehanne D'Arc - dejla (25)
Clorinde de Lamballe - maribarbola (75)
Jeremy Cartwright - observantscribe (25)
Dr. Radek Janovsky - radek_janovsky (25)
Shinoda Aya - estirose (25)
Mia Jesbar - mia_j (100)
Diana - noveltea (25)
Utahime Lorelei - utahimelorelei (25)
Joanna Winchester - jowinchester (50)
James Bardulf - jadekirk (25)
Maggie McCoy - fonapola (25)
Faith Edwards - trillianastra (25)
Beth Delgado - lighthealer (25)
Samantha/Lastande - le_chatnoir (25)
Laine Breckenridge - seliria (25)
Katelyn McAllister - stamay680 (25)
Alona Forester - charlieinnocnce (25)
Jeremy Thompson - malicehaughton (50)
Avani - shadowedxlight (25)
Autumn Marsh - mu_333 (25)
Carrie Copeland - bellemacfarlane (25)
Zoey Maynard - bellemacfarlane (25)
Suki Hayashi - bellemacfarlane (25)
April Campbell - bellemacfarlane (25)
Allie Holland - iswearisaid (25)
Shirley Emily Rogers - cheriestar (25)
Don - commallama (25)
Megan Isaacs - danica_enjolras (25)
Andrea Patrescu - jedimasterstar (100)

Genderbended Characters

girl!Adrian LaTrace (The Academy Is...) - shamequeen (25)

girl!Anakin Skywalker - acts_of_tekla (25)

girl!Dean Winchester - curseangel (50)

Original Story

Holisko and Melaphani - urania_calliope (25)
Randall McMann - ramblinmann (25)
Haidee - jedimasterstar (25)
Winter Soldier

Claims Post

This is the place where you make your claim for occhallenge. There are several ways to do this.

Part A: Fandom, Pairing, or Character

The first thing you're choosing is your subject.

Fandom: You may write several different OCs inside that one fandom.
Pairing: You must write one canon/OC pairing for all prompts.
Character: You write only one OC, but he or she can fandom and pairing hop if you wish.

Het, gen, slash, femmeslash, incest, RPF are all welcome, but you must label your fics accordingly.

I count genderbended characters the same as OCs so if you want to claim, for example, girl!Peter from Heroes as a character, you may.

Part B: The Tables

We have four tables of 25 prompts each to choose from. You may choose to do one table, two tables, three tables, or all four. If you choose two or more tables, you may choose a different subject for each table.

For example, I want to write 75 stories, but I don't want them to all be the same subject. I can ask for three different fandoms - Heroes, Highlander, and Charmed - or three different pairings - Dean/OFC, Chloe/OMC, Carson/girl!Rodney - or three different characters - Olivia (OC), McKenna (OC), girl!Sam - or a fandom for one, a pairing for another, and an OC for the third.

Part C: Let's Make a Claim

When you claim something, please fill out this form:

Table Number and Link:
Face of OC (if choosing one character): (optional - I'd love it if you'd take the option, though, because I like seeing who the character is supposed to look like.)
Winter Soldier


If you have a question about the new format, please ask it here.

How long do these fics have to be?
100 words or more.

Can we use stories already written for one or two of the prompts?
You're allowed to use up to five previously written stories. The rest have to be brand new.

Can we sign up with co-authors?

Are crossovers and AUs allowed?
Yes. I'm such a sucker for crossovers and AUs.

If we have a character claim, does that character have to be physically present in every fic, or can it be about them (ie other characters talking/thinking about them)? I'm mostly thinking about a case where the OC is dead or otherwise missing.
Your character has to be present in every fic. Remember...this is a place where the OC gets to shine.

Can a single fic cover more than one prompt?
No. 25 separate prompts=25 separate stories.
Winter Soldier

OCChallenge Relaunch

Okay, so I have absolutely no patience...especially when an idea gets everyone excited. So, welcome, one and all, to the brand new occhallenge. I'm going to run it like fanfic100 and its spin-off comms so here's to hoping people will be inspired to write.

To make a claim, go here.
To choose a table, go here.
To view what's been claimed, go here.
To ask a question, go here.

Now, go forth and let everyone on your friends' list know about it.
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