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Claims Post

This is the place where you make your claim for occhallenge. There are several ways to do this.

Part A: Fandom, Pairing, or Character

The first thing you're choosing is your subject.

Fandom: You may write several different OCs inside that one fandom.
Pairing: You must write one canon/OC pairing for all prompts.
Character: You write only one OC, but he or she can fandom and pairing hop if you wish.

Het, gen, slash, femmeslash, incest, RPF are all welcome, but you must label your fics accordingly.

I count genderbended characters the same as OCs so if you want to claim, for example, girl!Peter from Heroes as a character, you may.

Part B: The Tables

We have four tables of 25 prompts each to choose from. You may choose to do one table, two tables, three tables, or all four. If you choose two or more tables, you may choose a different subject for each table.

For example, I want to write 75 stories, but I don't want them to all be the same subject. I can ask for three different fandoms - Heroes, Highlander, and Charmed - or three different pairings - Dean/OFC, Chloe/OMC, Carson/girl!Rodney - or three different characters - Olivia (OC), McKenna (OC), girl!Sam - or a fandom for one, a pairing for another, and an OC for the third.

Part C: Let's Make a Claim

When you claim something, please fill out this form:

Table Number and Link:
Face of OC (if choosing one character): (optional - I'd love it if you'd take the option, though, because I like seeing who the character is supposed to look like.)
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