madripoor_rose (madripoor_rose) wrote in occhallenge,

FIC: Tears 1/1

Claim: Stargate Sg-1 Siren Song
Pairing: Aris Boch/OFC Kerry Quinn
Table Number: 1 Prompt 17: Tears

Disclaimer: Characters and situations are the invention of Stargate SG-1, and Fandemonium Books authors Holly Scott and Jaimie Duncan. No copyright infringement intended.

Kerry stood and looked at the grave that should have been hers, where Aris had buried the Boss. Aris was a few rows over at his family plot, and Kerry meant to walk over there later and pay her own respects.

Part of her still couldn't believe it. Part of her had known it since her abduction.

We think we're free because we can't see the chains that bind us. For all his talk about patriotism and service and all good things in government...I was a tool to be used and discarded. A cockroach who had learned a trick. Is it absolute power corrupting...or is it something else? Man's constant inhumanity to man.

Did the Goa'uld learn it from US?
Tags: stargate sg-1

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