madripoor_rose (madripoor_rose) wrote in occhallenge,

FIC: Summer 1/1

Claim: Stargate Sg-1 Siren Song
Pairing: Aris Boch/OFC Kerry Quinn
Table Number: 1 Prompt 19: Summer

Disclaimer: Characters and situations are the invention of Stargate SG-1, and Fandemonium Books authors Holly Scott and Jaimie Duncan. No copyright infringement intended.

Aris in a swimsuit took her breath away. If the SGC wanted to meet, to barter for the latest technological toy they'd retrieved thanks to Lorelei's Library, and do so in the middle of one of August's worst heatwaves, putting them up at the resort hotel was the least they could do.

Kerry didn't like the SGC anyway. She'd developed a slight claustrophobia about being underground from her Library work.

Watching O'Neill turn red when she pointed out that she was an American citizen, and so was Aris, by marriage, and they couldn't be held on the base without starting an interstellar war was also entertaining.

Aris had taken to the concept of swimming pools right off. Kerry leaned back, and watched the other women watching her husband, and idly enjoyed her role as some Washington powerplayer with her boytoy bodyguard.
Tags: stargate sg-1

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