madripoor_rose (madripoor_rose) wrote in occhallenge,

FIC: Tall 1/1

Claim: Stargate Sg-1 Siren Song
Pairing: Aris Boch/OFC Kerry Quinn
Table Number: 1 Prompt 22: Tall

Disclaimer: Characters and situations are the invention of Stargate SG-1, and Fandemonium Books authors Holly Scott and Jaimie Duncan. No copyright infringement intended.

Kerry sighed. Somehow, when she'd decided to stay on Ilempir, she hadn't factored in a lifetime of trying to see over the crowd. Planet of the supermodels, thanks to the Ancient version of Intelligent Design.

She liked tall men, always had. Literally being the shortest adult on the planet was a different story. Alysi was taller than she was and she was thirteen!

Luckily her status as the Nitori usually parted the crowd for her, or Aris was around to lend his shoulders as a seat. This time Aris was offworld and the mob of people were deliberately trying to stand between her and the newcomers. Who matched Aris's description of SG-1. Who were apparently here to rescue her and had two hundred of her inadverdant followers objecting strenuously.

"This week on Wormhole Extreme: Lemuria, Doctor Roland McCoy explains that the Archaics were stupid and now we're all going to die," she muttered, and charged into the fray.
Tags: stargate sg-1

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