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FIC: Scars 1/1

Claim: Stargate Sg-1 Siren Song
Pairing: Aris Boch/OFC Kerry Quinn
Table Number: 1 Prompt 25: Writer's Choice

Disclaimer: Characters and situations are the invention of Stargate SG-1, and Fandemonium Books authors Holly Scott and Jaimie Duncan. No copyright infringement intended

Kerry rested her head on his chest, and sighed. "I'll say one thing for the Ancients. You Ilempiri make one hell of an argument for Intelligent Design." He smiled at her, running a hand through her hair.

"Oh, you should have seen me before I got myself scuffed up."

She gently traced the L shaped gash running from his cheek across his chin. "What's the story behind this one?"

"Someone trying to slit my throat. I dodged."

"And this?" she touched his notched eyebrow.

"Jaffa threw me into a wall when I was ten for mouthing off."

"The star-shaped burn on your shoulderblade?"

"Tak...tachs. Remote weapon fire. That scarred? Knew I shouldn't have trusted Carter to do it right."

Kerry held up her forearm and pointed to a faint, inch-long line. "I was pet sitting for a neighbor. Angry cat."

"Never liked maus. Those things are dangerous."

She choked a half-laugh, half-sob. "Everything's dangerous."

"Hey," he kissed her. "I know. But I'm good at dangerous. And as much as I'd like to park the tel'tak and sit back, feeding each other grapes...."

"We need roshna and weapons. And you're a lot less likely to get yourself killed than the others. I just...I hate it, Aris. I hate the Goa'uld."
Tags: stargate sg-1

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