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Table Challenge: Dreams

Prompt: Table Challenge: Dreams
Characters: Frank McGinnis and Kit Gray/McGinnis
Fandom: Frank is an Angel OC and Kit is a Highlander OC
Rated: PG
Disclaimer: Frank and Kit are married and there are still some lingering issues about her immortality and his past as well.
Comments: Are Welcome!


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Winter Soldier

Charmed - 1/25 - Prompt: Fight

Title: Demon Hunt
Author: dragonsinger
Fandom: Charmed/Angel
Pairing: Connor/OFC
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Connor gets a little help when he faces a soul-sucking demon.
Disclaimer: Connor doesn’t belong to me; he belongs to the lovely Joss Whedon. While I do own Olivia, the concept of Charmed does not belong to me either. That belongs to Constance M. Burge, Brad Kern, and Spelling Entertainment.
Author’s Note: Thank you goes to Narnian Nymph for the information about Connor and his current life. Also, thank you to LJ, Settiai, and Ladybug218 for the beta read.

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Challenge #63-Gender and Species Bending!

Sugar, We're Goin Down

Title: Sugar, we’re goin’ down.
Prompt: occhallenge
Character: Gender bent Aidan, Wes.
Fandom: Usually, Male Highlander OC
Disclaimer: Aidan belongs to me, Neither Wes nor the demon scorned ex, belongs to me. Star Wars don’t belong to me either.
Backstory: Aidan thought that he was dating a guy who was a God. That was a lie. She’s actually a woman demon with extraordinary powers (And if you want an OC, she is one. She was created ESPECIALLY to be a Mary Sue. I don’t say this to be spiteful. She really was. It was a joke gone extremely right.) Aidan (bi-sexual) is now married to Wes and the ex is NOT happy with this. She hates Wes and is taking this out on Aidan. She turned Aidan into a girl and then she turned him into an Ewok. Yeah. It’s complicated.

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I'm Batman by drk cherry

Saviours and Strangers/1of1/PG/for the oc share challenge


Name: Olivia Susan Cristiano
Fandom: Charmed
Race: Witch
Powers: Telepathy
Story/Series: Demon Hunt
Nickname: Liv
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Personality: Strong, has a wonderful sense of humor, knows exactly who she is, confident
Flaws: Stubborn, doesn't trust easily, acts before she thinks

I did something a little different here - I led off of a story previously written by the oc's owner, dragonsinger.  If this is wrong or dragonsinger, if you hate it, just let me know and it goes away - lickety-fast like a..... lickety-fast thing.  So since it's technically a sequel, go read this one first.  I'm serious!!!!

and then off you go to my journal....

Saviours and Strangers
I'm Batman by drk cherry

Joe's Bar & Kill/1of1/PG/for the OC Share challenge

I flubbed up and have just now realized that I should have posted this to the comm instead of replying to the oc post.  So - here it is:

Name: Cate
Fandom: BTVS/ATS
Looks: Jessica Alba second season Dark Angel
Personality: She's a Slayer. Streetwise, grew up a young slayer in inner city LA on her own, had some affiliation with Gunn and his friends. Learned young that she could kill vampires and does so quite gleefully. Tough on the surface, darker edge underneath, has long since accepted the idea that Slayers are born to die and knows she probably won't see thirty.

Joe's Bar & Kill

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