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Winter Soldier

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Methos - Despair & Ecstasy

'Irreconcilable Differences' (Prompt: Run)

Title: Irreconcilable Differences
Claim: Highlander/Tables Two thru Four
Prompt: Run
Fandom: Highlander/Grey's Anatomy
Notes: Rated "R", complete, the first story of the ongoing series featuring my OC, Dr. Emily Scott.
Summary: A new doctor at Seattle Grace is running away from her past while her avoiding her future. Includes a special guest appearance by Greg House aka House M.D..

My Table

Emily Scott poured herself a cup of coffee from the carafe on the sideboard, taking a tentative sip; it was actually drinkable today. Taking a larger swallow this time, she walked towards her chair at the large boardroom table, wondering how long the staff meeting was going to take. Only half the doctors had actually arrived and the meeting was due to start in five minutes.