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Winter Soldier

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'Santa Elena Welcomes You' (Prompt: Dance)

Title: Santa Elena Welcomes You
Claim: Isabelle/Table One
Prompt: Dance
Fandom: Queen of Swords
Notes: PG13, complete, the first story in the 'To Follow the West Wind' series. This is the first story for my character claim, Isabelle, table one. A series overview can be found here.
Summary: Dr. Helm and Tessa find someone quite unexpected on his doorstep, and Colonel Montoya plots to use her to his advantage.

“I assure you, Senorita Alvarado, that is a scientific impossibility.”

“Truly, Dr. Helm? I must say I am relieved! I can always count on you to make sense of all these confusing matters.”

“I’m always happy to be of service, Senorita,” he replied, laughter colouring his voice.