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Past Challenge

Title: Awakening
Author: lunarwolf2002
Challenge: #21 - canon Plus One
Scene: Proto Omega's awakening in Xenosaga 2 - the "current music" is the song that played in this scene in the second game, and the cut text is a direct quote from Junior from the game as well :)
OC: Kaylin Robinson

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Challenge #20--Past Challenges

Title: Coming Home
Fandom: Xenosaga
Challenge: #05--A Line of Dialogue
Canon Character(s): Juli Mizrahi
Original Character: Maria Niwashiro
Disclaimer: I do not own Xenosaga.
Summary: Maria, a runaway from a geisha district, hopes to find refuge with the one woman she ever trusted--but doesn't.
Rating: PG-13 for strong language

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